Multicolor Salad with Salmon

12 min


  • Salmon fillets 3 pcs
  • Eggs 2 pcs
  • Tomatoes 2 pcs
  • Broccoli 1 small head
  • Garlic cloves 5 pcs
  • Pasta 300g
  • Mayonnaise 1/2 cup of tea
  • Garlic powder 1 c. of coffee
  • Olive oil 1 c. of soup


1. Boil the eggs for about 11-12 minutes.

2. Remove the eggs from the cooking water and place them in cold water to cool down.

3. Cook the pasta in plenty of water seasoned with salt.

4. When the pasta is al dente, remove it into a strainer and pour cold water. Reserve.

5. In a non-stick frying pan, put a drizzle of olive oil and bring to a boil. When it is hot, place the salmon fillets, the broccoli in sprigs and the coarsely sliced ​​garlic cloves. Flip the salmon fillets until cooked on both sides. Remove from the heat and shred the salmon.

6. In a small bowl, mix the mayonnaise with the olive oil and garlic powder.

7. Place the pasta, the salmon with the broccoli, the sliced ​​boiled eggs and the tomato cut into small pieces in a salad bowl. Cover with the mayonnaise mixture and mix gently until evenly distributed.

8. Serve this salad fresh.